High Temperature Resistance Refractory High Alumina Refractory Bricks

1.Product description of high alumina refractory bricks:

High alumina brick is an aluminosilicate based refractory material with alumina content greater than 48%. It is calcined from bauxite raw material or high Al2O3 material, with high thermal stability and refractoriness above 1770℃. It has good resistance to slag.

2.Applications of high alumina refractory bricks:

  • Petrochemical process heater
  • Heat treatment furnace
  • Tunnel kiln
  • Pallet car furnace
  • Ceramics are fired in kilns
  • Cement rotary kiln
  • Glass melting tank
  • The blast furnace
  • Hot blast stove
  • Furnace refractory heating surface

3.Parameters of high alumina refractory bricks:

International code nameSK36SK37SK38SK40
Chinese code nameLZ-55LZ-65LZ-75LZ-80
Al2O3 min %55657580
Fe2O3 max %2222
Refractoriness C min.1770179017901790
Refractoriness under Load C min.1470150015201530
Permanent Linear Change %1500 C×2h +0.1~-0.41500 C×2h +0.1~-0.41500 C×2h +0.1~-0.41500 C×2h +0.1~-0.4
Apparent Porosity max. %22232321
Cold Crushing Strength mim.444954 65

Kerui Refractory produces a variety of refractory products with complete specifications, which can be customized to process various special-shaped bricks, and can be produced on demand to meet the operating conditions of various high-temperature kilns.