Our refractory products series for your kiln

Heavy brick--Aluminous silicon series With Al2O3 content as the core index, the optional Al2O3 content is between 30% and 90% depending on the use temperature. Use temperature: below 1700℃ Main raw material: high alumina bauxite ... Read more


Kerui Company Mullite Bricks for Sale

Kerui Company, a renowned manufacturer of refractory materials, offers a wide range of mullite bricks that are known for their exceptional quality and versatile applications. Mullite bricks, composed primarily of mullite crystal phases, exhibit excellent ... Read more

Light Weight Fire Clay Insulation Brick

The Uses of the Best Lightweight Firebrick

When it comes to constructing fireplaces, kilns, and other high-temperature applications, using the right materials is crucial. One such material is lightweight firebrick, which offers a range of benefits over traditional bricks. In this article, ... Read more