Ceramic Fiber Blanket

The classification temperature of Ceramic fiber blanket can be 1100℃、1260℃、1360℃、1430℃. It includes: common type, standard type, high purity type, high alumina type, zirconium containing type.

Performance Characters

  • Low thermal conductivity, low heat storage.
  • Good heat and chemical stability.
  • Thermal shock resistance.
  • Tensile strength.
  • Good thermal insulation.
  • Noise reduction.
  • Fire proof.


Industrial building materials kiln, heating device, high temperature pipe lining; chemical industry high temperature reaction equipment and heating equipment wall lining; thermal insulation for electric boilers, gas turbines and nuclear power plants; fire insulation layer for high-rise buildings; furnace door, roof heat insulation; high temperature filter material and so on.

TypeCommonStandardHigh purityHigh aluminaZirconium containing
Classification temperature, ℃11001260126013601430
Service temperature, ℃<10001050110012001350
Bulk density, kg/m396-12896-12896-128128-160128-160
Permanent liner change, %-4-3-3-3-3
After 24 hours, Bulk density 128kg/m31000℃1000℃1100℃1250℃1350℃
Thermal conductivity under each section, 0.09(400℃)0.09(400℃)0.09(400℃)0.132(600℃)0.76(800℃)
w/m·k, Bulk density 128kg/m30.176(800℃)0.176(800℃)0.176(800℃)0.22(1000℃)0.20(1000℃)
strength of extension, Mpa, Bulk density 128kg/m30.08-0.120.08-0.120.08-0.120.08-0.120.08-0.12
Al2O3, %444647-4952-5539-40
Al2O3+SiO2, %96979999-
Al2O3+SiO2+ZrO2, %----99
ZrO2, %----15-17
Fe2O3, %<1.2<
Na2O+K2O, %≤0.5≤