Ceramic Fiber Paper

Ceramic fiber paper is a heat-insulating ceramic fiber product made of ceramic fiber for papermaking with low slag ball content as raw material, through beating, slag removal, pulp distribution, long mesh forming, vacuum dehydration, drying, shearing, rolling and other processes. The binder burns completely in use, and our ceramic fiber paper binder has flame retardant composition.

Performance Characters

  • Low thermal conductivity, low thermal capacity, thermal shock resistance.
  • Excellent flexibility, tear resistance.
  • Asbestos free.
  • Corrosion resistance.
  • Excellent electrical insulation and sound insulation.
  • Excellent mechanical properties.


  • Thermal short circuit insulation.
  • Heat insulating gasket.
  • Expansion joint.
  • Insulating (sintered resistant) material.
  • Blunt sections for domestic heating installations.
  • Thermal resistance materials in vehicles (muffler and exhaust device, heat shield).
  • Gasket at molten metal.
  • Fireproofing.
TypeKRp1KRp2USA  LydallGermany RATH
Service Temperature, ℃600~120010001000, 14001000, 1400
B.D, kg/m3180~220180~22096~14496~144
Organic Content, %4~86~888.5
Thickness, mm0.5~61~20.8~6.40.8~6.4
Max. Width, mm1220122018301220