Ceramic Fiber Cloth

Ceramic Fiber Cloth is a high performance industrial cloth made from zirconia grade ceramic fiber yarn, reinforced by high temperature alloy wire.


  • Temperature can reach 1000℃ under continuous use, temperature can reach 1260℃ under short time use.
  • Good corrosion resistance again acid and alkali corrosion, corrosion resistance tagain molten metal such as aluminum and zinc.
  • Good high temperature strength, thermal insulation performance.


  • It can be used in all kinds of thermal equipment and heat conduction system for fire insulation and friction materials.
  • High temperature resistance, low thermal conductivity, low thermal shock resistance ,low heat capacity.
  • Excellent high temperature insulation, long service life.
  • It has the ability to resist corrosion of non-ferrous metals such as aluminum and zinc.
  • low temperature and high temperature strength.

Note:Ceramic fiber cloth contains about 15% of organic fiber, ceramic fiber cloth ,when temperature are up, it will gradually be turned black carbide products of organic fiber, and has the phenomenon of smoking, the flame in some place, this is a normal phenomenon, as temperatures have been rising, it will not affect to use products .Sometime it gradually turned white, organic fibers which have been carbonizing on high temperature resistant inorganic materials such as ceramic fiber.

Size,mmGradesGSMTemperature, ℃
1.5 SpecialMetallic10001200