Kerui Company Mullite Bricks for Sale

Kerui Company, a renowned manufacturer of refractory materials, offers a wide range of mullite bricks that are known for their exceptional quality and versatile applications. Mullite bricks, composed primarily of mullite crystal phases, exhibit excellent thermal stability, high strength, and resistance to various chemical and physical stresses. In this article, we explore the features of Kerui Company's mullite bricks and highlight why they are a reliable choice for diverse industries.


Superior Thermal Stability

Kerui Company's mullite refractory bricks are engineered to withstand high temperatures, making them suitable for applications in industries such as ceramics, glass, steel, and petrochemicals. With a high softening point and excellent refractoriness, these bricks can endure temperatures well above 1600°C (2912°F) without significant deformation or loss of structural integrity. Their superior thermal stability ensures reliable performance even in the most demanding heat-intensive environments.

Exceptional Chemical Resistance

Mullite bricks from Kerui Company are known for their remarkable chemical resistance, making them resilient against corrosive agents such as acids, alkalis, and slags. This property is crucial in industries where the material comes into contact with aggressive chemicals or molten metals. The outstanding chemical resistance of these bricks ensures prolonged service life and reduces the need for frequent replacements, resulting in cost savings and improved operational efficiency.

High Mechanical Strength

Kerui Company's mullite bricks possess high mechanical strength, enabling them to withstand mechanical stresses and loads. They exhibit excellent compressive strength, making them capable of supporting heavy loads and resisting deformation. This mechanical robustness makes mullite bricks ideal for applications that require structural integrity and resistance to mechanical wear, such as in kilns, furnaces, and other high-temperature installations. We also produce low cement castable refractory.


Low Thermal Expansion

Mullite bricks offered by Kerui Company have a low coefficient of thermal expansion. This characteristic allows them to withstand thermal shocks and rapid temperature changes without significant cracking or spalling. The low thermal expansion helps maintain the integrity of the refractory lining, reducing the risk of thermal stress and ensuring long-lasting performance in challenging thermal cycling environments.

Versatile Applications

Kerui Company's mullite bricks find applications in a wide range of industries. They are widely used in furnaces, kilns, incinerators, and other high-temperature equipment. These bricks are employed for insulation, lining, and structural purposes due to their excellent thermal properties, chemical resistance, and mechanical strength. Whether in ceramic production, glass manufacturing, metal refining, or other industrial processes, mullite bricks provide reliable and durable solutions. We also produce anchor brick.

Customization and Technical Support

Kerui Company understands the importance of tailored solutions to meet specific project requirements. They offer customization options for mullite bricks, including different shapes, sizes, and compositions. Additionally, their team of experienced professionals provides technical support, assisting customers in selecting the most suitable mullite brick products and offering guidance on installation, maintenance, and optimization of refractory linings.



Kerui Company's advanced refractories of mullite bricks stand out as a reliable choice for industries that demand high thermal stability, chemical resistance, and mechanical strength. With their exceptional quality, these bricks ensure reliable performance in demanding high-temperature environments. Whether for insulation, lining, or structural purposes, Kerui Company's mullite bricks provide cost-effective and durable refractory solutions. By leveraging their versatility and technical expertise, businesses can achieve enhanced operational efficiency and long-term success in their respective industries.