Good Quality High Aluminum Fire Bricks for Cement Kiln

1.Product description of High aluminum fire bricks:

The high alumina fire bricks for cement kilns produced by Kerui are mainly used in the firing belt, transition belt and cooling belt of traditional cement kilns; the decomposition furnace, grate cooler and kiln door cover of new dry process kilns; the front and rear kiln opening, upper and lower side transition belt, decomposition belt and preheating belt of rotary kilns. Kerui adjusts the performance of the products for different parts of each thermal kiln and different temperature requirements in the production environment, taking into account the economic benefits of enterprises and later maintenance needs.

2. Features of high alumina brick for cement kiln:

High compressive strength, load softening temperature and thermal shock resistance. In addition to ordinary high alumina bricks, high alumina bricks for cement kilns have other requirements, including wear resistance, alkali resistance, high temperature resistance, etc.

3. Parameters of high alumina brick for cement kiln:

AL2O3% (≥)55657082
Fe2O3% (≤)2222
Refractoriness underload, 0.2MPa, °C (≥)1450148015301600
Apparent porosity (%)20-2320-2320-2218-20
Bulk density (g/cm³)2.25-2.42.3-2.52.4-2.62.5-2.7
Cold crushing strength ,MPa (≥)45506070

4. Types of high alumina brick for cement kilns:

Phosphate bonded high alumina brick, phosphate bonded high alumina wear brick, spalling resistant high alumina brick, chemical bonded high alumina brick, etc.