Refractory High Density Alumina Ball

Product introduction of high density alumina ball

High density alumina ball is made of industrial alumina and refractory kaolin by scientific formulation, forming and high temperature calcination. The production process of refractory high alumina ball is similar to that of refractory brick, which should be determined according to raw material characteristics, requirements of high alumina ball, production conditions and other factors.

Features of high density alumina balll

  • High mechanical strength, long service cycle
  • Good chemical stability, no chemical reaction with materials
  • Good high temperature resistance, the highest heat resistant temperature of refractory porcelain ball can reach 1900 degrees

Applications of high density alumina ball

High density alumina ball is suitable for the selection of regenerative ball combustion system of gas and non-gas fuel industrial furnace, especially for regenerative heating furnace, regenerative ladle roaster, air separation equipment, regenerative melting furnace of non-ferrous metal industry in steel industry.

Parameters of high alumina refractory ball

ItemHigh aluminaLow creepMulliteCorundum
Refractoriness under load(°C)1450146015301650
Apparent Porosity(%)25232218
Bulk Density(g/cm3)
Cold crushing strength(Mpa)13143236
Thermal shock resistance
(1100°Cwater cooling) cycle ≥
Refractoriness(°C)171017501800 1800