Refractory High Alumina Brick

Brief description of high alumina brick

High alumina brick usually refers to the refractory brick with Al2O3 content of more than 48%. It is mainly made of natural senior bauxite clinker as raw material, adding soft or semi-soft clay as binder to form mud, and then forming, drying and firing a refractory brick. High alumina brick refractoriness at 1770℃, load softening temperature at 1420℃-1550℃. High alumina bricks are mainly used for lining blast furnace, hot blast furnace, electric furnace top, blast furnace, reflector furnace and rotary kiln.

Features of high alumina brick

  1. High temperature resistance.
  2. Resist chemical erosion.
  3. Thermal stability.
  4. Anti-scum.

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Parameters of high alumina brick

AL2O3% (≥)55657082
Fe2O3% (≤)2222
Refractoriness underload, 0.2MPa, °C (≥)1450148015301600
Apparent porosity (%)20-2320-2320-2218-20
Bulk density (g/cm³)2.25-2.42.3-2.52.4-2.62.5-2.7
Cold crushing strength ,MPa (≥)45506070