Phosphate High Alumina Brick

Phosphate high alumina brick is a kind of new type environmentally friendly refractory, composed of normal refractory and light weight insulation refractory to meet the daily production requirements and save costs on coal and powder of users.

Performance Characters:

  1. The insulation refractory added in accumulates heat to reduce heat loss, furthermore, to save fuel and lower the production cost.
  2. After adding into the insulation refractory at the same volume, the total weight of the kiln lining declines dramatically to decrease the consumption of power and reduce load.

The dimensions of the Phosphate high alumina bricks depend on the different parts used. In addition to standard bricks, there is phosphate knife brick, a versatile arc facing brick. It is also possible to process different sizes according to the drawings.

ItemChemical BondedPhosphate Bonded - PPhosphate Bonded - PAHigh RUL
Al2O3, %, ≥75758078
Fe2O3, %, ≤2222
CaO, %-0.60.6-
Bulk & Density, g/cm32.652.72.752.8
Refractoriness, ℃ , ≥1770179017901790
Apparent Porosity, %, ≤1818-212019
Cold Crushing Strength, MPa, ≥60707580
Refractoriness Under Load of 0.2MPa, ℃ , ≥1400135014501460
Thermal Shock Resistance (1100 ℃ -water cooling), times15--20