Magnezit Group and Kerui Refractory Join Forces on May 14, 2023

Good news! Magnezit Group and Kerui Refractory Join Forces on May 14, 2023. Kerui Refractory attaches great importance to this visit. Both parties reached pleasant cooperation. Now you can watch the video below and read this article to learn more about this business visit.

Participants of this Business Visit

Magnezit Group: leaders and experts;

Kerui Refractory: Chairman, Vice Chairman, CEO, Head of Marketing Department and Head of Technology Department.

Process of Magnezit Group Visiting Kerui Refractory

Basic Introduction

To begin, Kerui Refractory initially presented an overview of our company, providing essential information. Subsequently, leaders of Kerui Refractory proceeded to showcase primary products, research and development achievements, as well as notable case studies across various industries to Magnezit Group. Through the performance data spanning the past 20 years, customers from Magnezit Group gained a comprehensive understanding of Kerui Refractory's robust capabilities and unwavering expertise.

Visit Factory

Leaders of Kerui Refractory showed different parts of this factory, including workshop of raw materials, workshop of molding, workshop of sintering, control center of sintering process and product testing center. Customers of Magnezit Group were satisfied with the product quality and management of Kerui Refractory. Both parties expressed a mutual desire to strengthen and expand their collaboration within the Russian refractory market.

Determine Cooperation Intention

After visiting, customers from Magnezit Group expressed a strong intention to cooperate. And we both discussed details about purchase, delivery and construction issues.

According to the business manager from Magnezit Group, the product quality and other manners were impressive and better than expected. They believe there are more and more cooperation opportunities in the future!

Respond of Chairman of Kerui Refractory

The Chairman of Kerui Refractory had the confidence of providing high-quality products and complete service. Kerui Refractory will try our best to satisfy customers' requirements. Thanks to the trust of customers, and we hope both of us can contribute to the smooth progress of this project.

In the End

Kerui Refractory extends heartfelt gratitude to our valued customers from Magnezit Group. We're committed to delivering exceptional and comprehensive solutions for the high-temperature industry worldwide. If you have any interest or inquiries regarding refractory materials, we encourage you to reach out to us. Kerui Refractory is dedicated to serving your needs with professionalism and expertise.