High Alumina Runner Brick

Runner brick is the hollow fire brick connecting king brick and ingot mold in the groove of bottom plate for ingot casting.

In general, it is a kind of hollow fire clay brick of various sizes of rectangles. It is required to be smooth in inner hole, neat in appearance and tight in seam to reduce the resistance during the flow process of liquid steel and prevent from leaking.

Performance Characters:

  • High refractoriness.
  • Good crack resistance.
  • Strong corrosion resistance.


It is widely used for slab casting of all kinds of steels (including stainless steel and chromium alloy steel).

Al2O3 %>36>40>48>55>65>70
Fe2O3 %<2.0<1.8<2.0<2.0<2.0<1.5
Alkalinity %<1.8<1.8<1.8<1.8<1.8<1.8
Apparent porosity %17-25<22<25<26<26<25
Bulk Density g/cm3>2.1>2.18>2.2>2.25>2.3>2.35
Refractoriness ℃>1700>1710>1750>1770>1790>1790