Fire Clay Brick for Non-ferrous Industrial

Brief introduction of fire clay brick

Our company produces fire clay bricks on the basis of the production of ordinary clay bricks. With high-quality homogeneous materials as the main raw materials, a proper amount of auxiliary materials and some additives are added. After fine grinding, mixing, and high-pressure molding, the product enters the mullite crystal phase at an appropriate calcination temperature. With good mineral composition, the product has good economic and social benefits, Therefore, it is ensured that the product has high refractive index, dense apparent density, low porosity, excellent high temperature creep, good mineral composition, high refractive index, dense apparent density, low porosity, excellent high temperature creep and good volume stability.
We support the customization of molded clay refractory bricks, and can customize and process according to the drawings.

Features of fire clay brick

The fire clay brick has good thermal shock resistance, high softening temperature, low creep, good creep strength and high volume stability.

Application of fire clay brick

Fire Clay refractory brick is a rich raw material, more than any other refractory. It is mainly used for blast furnace, hot melting furnace, iron furnace, steel barrel and molten steel pouring system, as well as uniform heating furnace, heating furnace, nonferrous metal smelting furnace, furnace in silicate and chemical industry, and chimney and pipeline of all thermal equipment.

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Standard size: 

230*114*65mm, special size and OEM service are provided, too.
Bisected Fire Clay Brick: 230*115*20mm
Trisected Fire Clay Brick: 230*115*30mm
Quartered Fire Clay Brick: 230*115*40mm

AL2O3% (≥)30353845
Fe2O3% (≤)2.52.522
Refractoriness under load, 0.2MPa, °C (≥)1250130013601420
Apparent porosity (%)22-2620-2420-2218-20
Bulk density (g/cm³)1.9-2.01.95-2.12.1-2.22.15-2.22
Cold crushing strength ,MPa (≥)40453040