Alumina Hollow Ball Brick for High Temperature Furnace

Alumina hollow ball brick introduction

Alumina hollow ball brick for high temperature furnace is a kind of light refractory materials with excellent energy saving. They are characterized by high porosity, which can generally reach 40%-85%. The bulk density is low, generally less than 1.5g/cm3, especially in the 1800℃ high temperature kiln application.

Alumina hollow ball brick features

  1. High operating temperature:
    Can reach more than 1750 degrees, good thermal stability. Reburn wire change rate is small, use longer.
  2. To reduce the weight of the furnace:
    Now high-temperature resistant materials belong to the heavy brick volume density of 2.6-3.0g/cm, and alumina hollow ball brick only 1.1~1.5g/cm, the same cubic meter volume, the use of alumina hollow ball brick can reduce the weight of 1.1-1.9 tons.
  3. Energy saving:
    Alumina hollow ball has obvious thermal insulation characteristics, low thermal conductivity, can play a very good thermal insulation effect, reduce heat emission, improve thermal efficiency, so as to save energy. The energy saving effect can reach more than 30%.

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Alumina hollow ball brick index

Alumina Bubble brickAl2O3Bulk DensityC.C.SP.L.C(%)Thermal ConductivityR.U.L

Alumina hollow ball brick application

Alumina hollow ball brick has been widely used in high and ultra-high temperature kilns such as gasifier in petrochemical industry, carbon black industrial reactor and induction furnace in metallurgical industry, and has shown excellent energy saving effect.